What is Lava Rod In Fishing Simulator

What is Lava Rod In Fishing Simulator

First of all, you need to know how to find the lave rod in fishing simulator. It is located at the Moon Lake map on the North East side of it. But for beginners who dont know where that is – here’s an easier way to explain it without searching on your map or driving there.

The yellow thing is the place you need to go. Pay attention on the island, where the rock/mountain rises up from the bottom of the lake. Go there and dive under water. There should be a lava rod somewhere near that mountain or island, but if you cant find it, click “F3” button on your keyboard and you should to go directly under the island. There is a chance that you might find it, but if not – just come back later when you have better equipment and can dive deeper in the water.

How to use the Lava Rod

First of all you need to craft it (you can find recipes below). To equip the rod, hit “C” button on your keyboard. There are 2 things you need to know about this rod:

After hitting the fish with the lava rod its health will decrease very fast and it might die even if the hook is not attached. Also it will automatically catch the fish without reeling. This means that you need to hit the fishing rod with lava once and then do not touch it, just let it reel the fish in by itself!

The downside of this way is that your hands are completely free – so you can focus on other things like drink coffee or talk on Skype with your friends while the game is doing all the work for you!

The good thing of this is that your hooks will not get damaged – so if you want to catch multiple fish you dont need to swap your old hook out every time. You can just use one lava rod and still catch 5-6 more fishes without any problems, but i would recommend to equip another rod for catching bigger fish.

How to get the lava rod in fishing simulator

To get the lava rod you will need to complete the tutorial. Once it is done, go back on your boat and you should see a red glowing thing on the ground. This is the lava rod. It’s located on some little island in Moon Lake, North East from here:

Of course it will be better if you find it by yourself, but this is just to let you know where it is so you dont get lost.

Why you should get a Lava Rod for fishing simulator

First of all, the lava rod is a very good upgrade from your old rusty fishing rod. Not only that it can catch fish for you without any effort – but it also catches pretty big fishes! So if you want to get better and bigger fish in fishing simulator, this might be something for you! Also it will not lose durability when you catch a fish. So you will be able to catch 5-6 fishes without the need to change your hook. This is very useful in fishing simulator if you are not playing just for fun, but trying to get better equipment and bigger fishes! It is also much more cheaper than buying new hooks every time – so it’s very worth it!


The Lava Rod is the best way to get better and bigger fishes in Fishing Sim. It will not lose durability when catching a fish, so you can use it for multiple times without any problems!

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